We had advanced collectors hand-inspect each helmet for descriptions and authenticity. Given that, each helmet is described in as much detail as possible. Click on the helmet photos to see additional photos and description.

** Special Notice regarding the "Huber & Jordan" SS decals **

Several of the helmets listed below have an SS decal attached to the helmet. We were told that these decals are original Third Reich decals and were manufactured by "Huber, Jordan & Koerner" or simply "Huber & Jordan". This company is a well-known manufacturer of decals. Some collectors argue that Huber, Jordan & Koerner never produced SS decals, while some collectors swear that they did.

The point that we are trying to make here is that there are two sides of the fence on this issue. We are not choosing a side, as we are not advanced helmet collectors and do not have the experience to authenticate these decals. We are only trying to honorably sell Phil's collection for what it is.

Simply put, the ongoing battle concerning these decals will not be fought here. It can be discussed on forums or under the vendors' tables. We are merely presenting Phil's helmets as they are and you will decide if one of these helmets belong in your collection or not. Either way, these decals display very well on the helmets.


Item # H001
M-18 Aluminum Parade Helmet

Item # H003
Black SS Double Decal helmet

Item # H004
Double Decal Ventless M18

Item # H005
Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet

Item # H006
Hungarian Aluminum Helmet
Item # H007
Aluminum Parade Helmet

Item # H008
Hungarian Home Guard Helmet
Item # H009
Aluminum SS Helmet
Item # H011
M18 Aluminum Parade Helmet
Item # H014
Austrian Droopbill
Item # H019
M18 "Droopbill" Helmet
Item # H020
Waffen SS/SD Helmet
Item # H022
M16 Double Decal Heer Helmet
Item # H023
M18 "Reclining Fire Lion" Helmet
Item # H024
M18 Austrian Helmet
Item # H025
Austrian Single Decal Helmet
Item # H026
Hungarian Aluminum Helmet
Item # H027
M18 Kriegsmarine Helmet
Item # H028
M16 Single Decal Heer Helmet